sex (-) mix

A game for two or more players.

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Setup Phase

Prior to play, players take turns adding songs to a list. This could be a playlist, mix CD, mixtape, or similar sequence of songs.

Players choose songs1 starting with player one2.

Stakes for winning/losing should also be agreed upon before play.

1. All songs must be available for playback and capable of being added to the selected mix format.

2. Players must determine through their own means which player is player one, which is player two, etc.

Play Phase

The game begins when all players begin to engage3 in sexual activity4 with each other.

At that moment, begin playing the playlist, mix CD, or mixtape.

3. Note that it may not be necessary (or possible) for all players to be engaged to the same degree at all times, especially as additional players are added. Ramifications for strategy should be considered.

4. Players must determine through their own means what sexual activity consists of.


A player is eliminated from the game if they, at any time:

One of the other players must call the elimination. Calling an elimination does not count as disengagement.8

If more than one player remains after the elimination, play continues. Eliminated players are not eligible for victory, but may continue to participate in sexual activity.9

5. Some players may have a habit of laughing during sexual activity, or be unable not to. Unless this laughing is clearly distinguishable from ordinary (embarassed, amused, entertained) laughter, it also counts for elimination.

6. If a player is called for a "grossed out" face, that player may (once per game) cancel the elimination by making a verbal claim that their facial expression was the result of intense sensation, orgasm, pain, etc. Extensive description is recommended.

7. Please use common sense: if it becomes necessary for serious reasons unrelated to this game for any player to disengage from sexual activity, the game should also be suspended or canceled immediately, with no forfeiture implied.

8. Expert players, however, should be able to call an elimination without disengaging from sexual activity.

9. Kingmaking is frowned upon.


If at any time there is only one player left, that player is the victor.

If the mix finishes playing, any remaining players are joint victors.

At this point, any stakes that were agreed upon in the Setup Phase should be dealt with.10

If the mix finishes playing and no players have been eliminated, return to setup phase and attempt to create a more challenging mix.

10. It is recommended, but not necessary, that stakes be settled immediately after play.


Any disputes must be settled by players. If players are unable to settle disputes, rematches should take place under observation by a third-party judge, agreed upon by both players.

Play this game at your own risk. The author of these rules cannot accept any liability for emotional or physical damages resulting from play.

Please practice well-informed, risk-aware sex. As with all games and sex, consensual, enthusiastic participation by all players is of paramount importance.

Author Notes: sex (-) mix was designed between 2005 and 2006, at which point it was playtested several times. Thanks to everyone who helped refine the game from its formative stages.